This information has now been superceded and is located on the ros wiki.


  • About - brief description of the project.
  • Stacks
    • ecl_tools - supporting cmake modules, makefiles, scripts.
    • ecl_lite - low level bare metal and embedded libraries
    • ecl_core - c++ wrappers around posix-win32 and higher level core system libraries.
    • ecl_manipulation - infrastructure and some custom trajectory generators and interpolators.
    • ecl_navigation - commonly used navigation components (relatively empty).
  • Platform - current level of functionality across win-linux-mac.



Mostly just build as usual within the ros framework. Some specific details relevant for the ecl as a whole:

  • CMake - connecting to ecl's cmake macro libraries for an ros package.
  • Debugging - overview how the ecl handles debugging and errors in general.
  • Link as Needed - removing unused libraries from a library's dependency list (specifically the unused ros comms libraries).

Building outside of ros was supported, and could be easily reactivated. Mostly we're just waiting for rosbuild2 support to make this much easier.


Roswiki contains all the latest documentation for each stack. Note that package doxygen can be found at inside each package's wiki page.

Some documentation and visualisations for all stacks in the ecl together:


ecl_package_graph.pdf (24.5 KB) Daniel Stonier, 01/14/2012 04:30 PM

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